Mia Saenz Whitmore is "The Passion Muse". As a public speaker, a teacher of self-empowerment, and a published author, Mia is compelled to share her knowledge and wisdom through her system "Connecting to your Passion Core". Her method gives people the ability to connect to their self-confidence, creating motivation to achieve their aspirations. Mia was branded "The Passion Muse" due to her ability to inspire passion in others and to help individuals find what she coined as ones "Passion Core". Passion Core: a strong enthusiasm or desire that runs through your body, compelling you to accomplish whatever task you want or need to, with joyful bliss and unshrinking confidence. The ability to find and connect with your passion core can transform your life in all aspects - Self, Work, Family, Love and Spirituality. Mia is also the founder of "Connecting through your Heritage" a method of connecting to one's heritage bringing value for individuals of multiracial and multicultural people discovering one's ancestry and heritage this gives one knowledge and encourages self-expression. This process is as intimate and unique to the individual as your DNA. As a multiracial person in America I have found we can become easily disconnected, and there is much confusion. I once was this way and when I was able to bring my cultures together uniformly I found my peace and became extremely confident. This allowed me to become the confident person I am today. My story of how I discovered my passion core and also became connected with my multicultural heritage was two different paths along my journey getting to where I am today. Discovering both cherished methods is an honor I am privileged to share with you. My journey began with the desire to live and be happy, the happiest I could be with the amount of time I had left. If I was fortunate and could beat death I could live a long life, this was the vision I saw for myself. The vision as it seemed at the time began my determination to discover my passion core. The prognosis the doctors gave was living not to many more years. I was 140 pounds overweight and my organs were beginning to crash, the doctors just kept saying without the bypass stomach surgery your body is failing. I had weekly visits to the doctors with multiple aliments and the prognosis was getting worse. It was my pure desire to live. I was in a marriage that had stagnated after many years of marriage. I even tried for more than five years t o make it succeed. I realize I need to make myself succeed. I knew if I wanted to live - now was the time. That in my case time was of the essence. I had a back injury three years before and became so debilitated I couldn't walk to the neighbors house and at this point I was using a wheelchair. My birthday was upon me and I looked at my kids and decided I was dying anyways, so I would fight like crazy to live. What was I to lose? Nothing. I was slowly dying anyways, so I wanted fight and knew I would give it everything I had or I would die trying if that is what it took to lose the weight, but if I were very lucky I would live and live a good long life. "My transformation was rapid without surgery, I found my heart/mind connection which helped me discover my passion core. This is what saved my life. I transformed from a woman who just existed to a woman who is vibrant, healthy, inspires others and carries her own brand of sex appeal." With the magnetic appeal Mia has, it's no wonder she has become sought after. Come meet the passion muse.